Liz Truss certainly needs to answer for the text she sent Anthony Blinken mere minutes after the blast.

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Waves of Hunter Bidens, sniffing meth, humpin anything, sitting all over and sleepin LEGALLY in a tent on a sidewalk is Portland Oregon.

Disgusting. People that are voting Tuna Kotex are delusional.

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Humans got softened up with the Plandemic so that the Globalists could Euthanise the Goy by 2025....check out deagle.com......now 70% of the World population has been MicroChipped all that is needed is the "Great Switch On" (of 5G) to send the kill switch to the jabbed...here is how it will be done...........just download "Bluetooth LE Scanner" App from Playstore and scan people to see if they are transmitting an"Unknown MAC IP Address". My friend who works as Cabin Crew for a major International Airline scans the aircraft from cockpit to tail with this App at 40,000ft mid Atlantic in a tin can flying at 500mph and with a passenger and crew compliment of 480ish, the scan show well over 1,000 "Unknown MAC IP Addresses"....happens every flight anywhere where the airline flys to!


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Nordstream an act of war against NATO? I thought it was the Brits/US?

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Nordstream - Note; Israel, Jordon & Lebanon have come to an acknowledged agreement on developing the massive sweet oil pools & NG under and off the coasts of their countries. They plan on a pipeline to/thru Turkey and on to the EU. The UK. US & Israel had/have the most to gain from blowing up the Nordstream pipelines and the decline, decimation of the EU economies. Prove me wrong.

Old School Spook

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What is OGUS?

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".....OGUS/Globalists are trying to create a mass-casualty event with US troops to provoke anger,...."

Will NOT make ME angry if a shit-load of 'US Troops' die off!! Firstly, the Military is NOT these United States of America's Military; they BELONG to the GLOBALIST (and thus, NATO). MOST of this Military are a bunch of WokeTards; 'trannys' and otherwise. So......AWESOME!.....the Zombie Herd NEEDS to be THINNED so more. So, THIN away!!

People (aka HUMANS) need to SEE REALITY for what it IS. There are THREE types of Beings (NOT counting animals) walking planet Earth........

1) HUMANS (we ARE the minority)

2) Zombies (NON HUMAN)

3) Demons (NON HUMAN)

What we are witnessing/living, right now, is the PURGE of Zombies and their Demon Masters (those who took the Death Jab). Which will leaves us HUMANS as the majority. This (Extermination via the 'Death Jab') HAS TO HAPPEN for the HUMAN RACE to survive, and THRIVE. EMBRACE THIS GIFT!! For we WILL be going BACK to a HUMAN EXISTENCE (NOT the FAKE life that was 'before CV19", that was CREATED, FOR us, by the Evil Globalists.).

FYI: And before someone jumps on me about those who got the Death Jab, dying......TWO THIRDS of my WHOLE FAMILY are INJECTED! NOTHING can be done about it.....what's done, IS DONE and CANNOT be 'fixed'. ALL Infected individuals MUST 'GO', so that the whole Human Race does not become EXTINCT!

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what does OGUS mean?

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We are watching the 4th Reich and not only is the US involved, I suspect DC is it's backbone. They hide behind the idea that Hitler went after the Jews and if a group isn't doing so, they can't be NAZI's. The Climate scam is a story funded and created by a new brand, of NAZI's, where they can control much of the world and its resources. Look at the attacks out of the Biden administration against anyone who disagrees with much of their insane policies. They are waging war against us, sadly including many who support them. They are setting the narrative ahead of time to attack anyone who disagrees with the rigged elections we just had. The Republican Party is being run by the opposition, which such characters as McConnell, who denied financing to those who would expose the fraud. They are financing a war against Russia, which is really over territory that is legitimately Russia, the Crimea and th Donbass, where Ukraine was committing ethnic cleansing. Rather than negotiate an independent state, they overthrow the government and threaten to draw us into atomic war.

The young people in the US need to wake up, i'm in the last quarter of my life. They are doing this crap right in front of us and if you says something, you are a conspiracy theorist. It is a fucking conspiracy, by a bunch of satanist demons, they are doing right in front of us. Look at the label, denier, or conspiracy theorist. Epidemic of the unvaccinated, while using the cover that if 28 days haven't passed you aren't vaccinated, thus piling all those people into the other camp.

How about draining the strategic reserve,, for political purposes, then starting a war? Austerity and poverty is coming to the United States. Maybe atomic war. The Green policy is insanity, run by a bunch of maniacs. The response by Biden is to constrain oil and gas production by removing land available for drilling. They tell us the companies aren't picking up the off shore parcels available. Ever think the companies might view them as bad prospects, not worth the billions to explore? In sum, domestic producers don't make much more money than Apple. The US had become the swing prducer of the world. It is insanity to believe the world is going to run on solar panels and windmills, with electric cars. Stone age is coming and it will be sudden, if the direction isn't changed.

The difference between Hitler and these new NAZI's is Hitler had a narrower target. These people are targeting the entire world and none of us have any way of knowing if we will be included. Oil, gas and coal have been the difference between most of us digging a subsistance out of the ground, using animals as power and the modern world we have today. Take it away, most of us have no clue how to survive other than cannibalize what already exists. Taking a week to count votes has to tell you Our Democracy isn't ours, it's theirs.

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Maybe the Republicans can schedule another investigation into all this. Its worked so well previously.

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