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Thank you so much for the update on the Netherlands... it is sooo important.

Once upon a time you could watch the nightly news (with a special program on the weekend) to learn about international current events.

Now the world news has been ghosted by the powers that be, further pushing Americans into their United States bubble of fantasies.

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Caroline looks like a tranny and her political practices seem quite Woke. The people of The Netherlands should be aggressively undermining their Occupying government. Too bad that the working citizens of these supposed "civilized" European nations have given over all of their firearm rights to protect themselves from tyrannical government.

I pray to God that they are able shake off the heavy yoke weighing them down 🙏.

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"..... the dogs of war....."

Marc Antony

Act 3. Scene 1. "Julius Ceasar"

Again, thank you Michael for your clarity arouind this subtle subversion

Perhaps if this is posted from outside their country, more farmers and others will start to have their epiphany...... Beware all THIS dog of war

A she-wolf donned in woolly clothing

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What if the farmers all showed up at each farm as the gooberment tries to force the farmer off his land? Didn't the Irish do something similar after the 2008 crash? Not sure how successful they were.

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This is horrible, communists causing mass starvation again!

This is a good report on communist tactics:


This was pre take over, the take over happening in 1994. Nelson Mandela was a communist agitator, who never repented of killing people to get his political objective. This consisted of bombing and terror campaigns.

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This is clearly a litmus test for the world. If these farmers lose their fight (and it looks like they are) the cabal will be emboldened.

Michael's interview on Maria Zeee is a must watch.

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